At that time…..
At the time when the roaring of engines and the ticking of valves marked a mechanic’s life.
At the time when the pungent smell of gas seemed to be a vital element for their nostrils and when grease made their fingers black, awarding to their expert hands the sign of experience.
At the time when heartbeat raged fast at the rhythm of stopwatches and pilots saw on a tar line the targets of their whole life, shooting through it, wrapped up in thin leather suits and helmets and leaving behind only their rivals and the their engines’ roars…
At the time when the “bike” was still a Bike, without frills, compromises and without time… but no longer like at that time… here starts Vibrazioniartdesign
Motorbikes as unique pieces, tailor made, customized. Bodies made out of industrial drum metal sheets, preserving the graphic and colors of the originals, hand-worked with care and mastery, to create bikes, which carry emotions, which contain several personalities and contaminations, from punk to post-atomic and vintage. Scratches, gashes and irregular surfaces contrast with the luxury short-circuit spark that they create.
Motorbikes just like the armor of a kinght, who has gone through time in thousands of battles and still shows their traces and scars. A taste of the past, a strain that seems to come from a trip through a space-time dimension, which is dense and abrasive, however hiding a fine-tuned technique to push the final result to that precise limit beyond which it would only look like a wreck. Behind the armor, are optimized performance, feelings and driving, to exalt the pilot’s perception to be controlling a vehicle beyond time, free from the stylistic features of contemporary fashion, free to travel to another dimension not only with the body but also with the mind.